"Songs of a Mother's Love"
by Maureen Dechter

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2 in 1 !!

Our new release, "Songs of a Mother’s Love," is uniquely special in that it is really a 2 products in 1 package!

Firstly, it contains a superb compact disc featuring the heartfelt and emotional vocal stylings of Maureen Dechter accompanied by a 45 piece orchestra comprised of the finest musicians in Los Angeles.

Secondly, it is a real journal, bound as a fine book and containing personal yet universal appealing journal entries, photos and memorabilia of Maureen and her son.

The entire album will take you on an audio and visual journey through the the joy, love and heartbreaks of being a parent and child. Whether a mother, child, father or grandparent, you are sure to be touched by this very personal collection.

A personal note from Maureen Dechter:

I have been singing since the age of five. It was and still is my passion. Whether performing in front of an audience or recording in a studio, singing is what makes me truly feel alive. How is it then that fifteen years ago I stopped? If you are a parent, you may know the answer...everyday life stepped in and took over! All of those dreams were put on the back shelf so that a child could be raised with all the attention he so deserved.

But, when my nine year old son came to me one day and asked what else I did besides being a mom, I decided to dust off the dreams and show him. "Songs of a Mother’s Love" is my gift to my son. It tells our story of the past thirteen years together. And, at the same time, it helps to explain who I am, separate from him. Hopefully, in years to come, when he listens to these songs, he will remember how much his mother loved him and that dreams really do come true.

Maureen Dechter

An endorsement from Tony Award winner Maury Yeston:

"Songs of A Mother's Love" is an extraordinary debut album for a singular talent, Maureen Dechter, destined to become a classic. Deeply personal, and universal at the same time, each selected song commemorates a milestone in the growth and development of both mother and her son, as a kind of journal from birth to early maturity.

The variety of styles, from "Over the Rainbow" to late Sondheim, is wide ranging, and Ms. Dechter's command of each genre is masterful. Most particularly, the two Sondheim selections receive an orchestral and vocal treatment radiating a rare beauty and deep warmth reminiscent of "Send in the Clowns." A concept album performed by the cream of Los Angeles studio and jazz musicians with humanity and wonderful musicality, "Songs of a Mother's Love" is one of a kind."

Maury Yeston - Tony Award-winning Broadway composer of "Nine" & "Titanic"

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