At Dreamtown Records, we are devoted to creating music of the heart. Through our musical journeys, we have encountered many wonderful people and organizations, many of whom share our philosophy of music making, sharing and giving. We are interested not only in quality music created with honesty and love, but also in music education for our children and upcoming generations. On this page, we hope to share some of these friends, colleagues and organizations by providing you a link to their online world...

The San Luis Obispo County Youth Symphony:

This youth symphony is a remarkable group now consisting of over 100 young musicians in 4 separate ensembles including Preparatory Strings, Junior Strings, Junior Winds and the Youth Symphony. Professional conductors and coaches meet with these young musicians on a weekly basis preparing them not only for their 3 annual concerts but also to help them "shape their young lives through music."

Geetha Ramanathan Bennett:

Geetha is one of the world’s foremost veena players, the veena being a lute-like instrument of the classical music of Southern India (Carnatic music). Though a resident of southern California, she tours extensively throughout the United States, India and the world performing and singing the music she learned from her late father, the reknowned musician and teacher Dr. S. Ramanathan. She often performs and tours with her husband Frank, a member of The Brad Dechter Octet.

Paul Sullivan/River Music:

Paul is a remarkably moving pianist and composer who, after moving from Brooklyn, New York to Brooklin, Maine over 10 years ago, has created a varied catalog of recordings and original compositions which never fail to touch our souls. His warmth and special brand of humor always brings a smile to the face of his live audiences. He has a special connection to the Dreamtown family, being the godfather to young Graham Dechter.

Charlie & Sandi Shoemake/The Famous Jazz Artist Series at the Hamlet:

The Shoemakes, residents of the small town of Cambria on California’s scenic central coast, have produced an outstanding jazz series at a coastal restaraunt called the Hamlet. Starting in 1991, they have brought the cream of the jazz world, both from Los Angeles and around the world, to perform for the local residents and jazz fans.

Maury Yeston/An American Cantata:

Maury Yeston is one of Broadway’s brightest composers and lyricists, having won multiple Tony Awards for his work on the hit musicals "Nine," "Grand Hotel" and "Titanic." "Nine" is being revived on Broadway this year with Antonio Banderas.  The original cast recording of "Nine" is being re-packaged and re-released, including some selections featuring Maury himself singing and overdubbing his songs (fondly referred to as the Maury Tabernacle Choir).  In addition, he has composed a multitude of other songs, orchestral and choral works, among them the touching song "New Words," featured on Dreamtown Record’s release "Songs of a Mother’s Love." An astounding recentt endeavor was the composition of a work for full orchestra and 2000 voices that was performed in a free concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on July 1, 2000!!

American Jazz Philharmonic/The Henry Mancini Institute:

(Coming soon!)

Founded in 1979, the American Jazz Philharmonic is a non-profit organization dedicated to commissioning, performing and recording symphonic jazz and educating and training young musicians through the Henry Mancini Institute.


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