maureen dechter

Maureen Dechter

Maureen Dechter is an extraordinary singer with a wide range of musical experience. While growing up in the Washington D.C. area, she was soloist with her local choir as well as being featured performer in many musical productions. Moving west to to attend Arizona State University, she continued performing as well developing an interest in children’s theater.

Taking a hiatus from her schooling, she spent the next few years traveling around the country as lead singer with various pop groups as well as being a resident performer at a noted musical dinner theater in Tucson.

Moving further west, she acquired her Bachelor’s Degree at California State University at Los Angeles after which she continued her singing career, most notably as a featured vocalist with The Mike Curb Congregation. With the Congregation, she made several screen and stage appearances, including the film "The Magic of Lassie," the Dinah Shore television show, and live concerts starring Sammy Davis Jr., Sid Caesar & Imogene Coca, and Steve Lawrence & Edie Gorme. In addition, she was the solo singer on 2 single releases with the group.

She later became a featured singer with the Ray Anthony Orchestra where she met her husband-to-be Brad. After a few more years singing in the Los Angeles area, including an extended tour with the Billy Vaughn Orchestra, Maureen decided to take time off to raise her son Graham. As Graham reached young adulthood, she decided that it was time to resume her singing and created her first solo album project as a labor of love, chronicling her experiences as a mother in "Songs of a Mother’s Love," Dreamtown Records’ first release.

In addition to future album projects, Maureen is now featured vocalist with the Brad Dechter Octet. An avid and strong supporter of music education, she was a long-time member of the board of directors of the San Luis Obispo County Youth Symphony, in which her son Graham was recently the concertmaster.


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